Promethious Creation

Stealing Fire

Devised Theatre
Direction & Script Development: Christopher Plummer
Initial Concept & Flight Direction: Kalen Larson
Choreography: Mary Muncil
Composition & Sound Design: Libby Meyer, Kevin Grey, John Moths, Lindsey Johns, John Watza, Courtney Schumaker, Paul Kirby & Nathan Prouty
Photos: Christopher Plummer, Sarah Bird and Mark Riutta

Kalen Larson asked me if I would like to direct a flying show based on the legend of Prometheus. I sad yes. There was no script. There wasn't really a plan.

Working with Libby Meyer on composition, Mary Muncil on choreography, and Kalen Larson on flight direction. We took the story structure I wrote and developed a score with a team of 8 composers and sound designers. Taking that score Mary Muncil and I further develop the music and the story in a workshop style rehearsal process.

It was a wonderful adventure and I look forward to further collaborations.
Where the script started
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Three scene 2 moments with the storyboard sketches and production pictures.
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